Country Animal Haven was established in September of 2000. Since that time, over 1300 cats, kittens, dogs, puppies and other animals have passed through our doors. At this time we are concentrating our efforts on cats and kittens only.  Some remain at the shelter in life-long care, some are fostered by residents in the surrounding areas, but most have found new families and new lives.

We are a non-profit, no-kill animal rescue and shelter, located on eight acres of land just north of Stoughton, Wisconsin.  It is the only alternative, cage-free no-kill shelter and sanctuary in the area.

CAH does not receive government funding. We do not have the special grants, or programs to help maintain the animals under our care. Instead, we rely on the kindness of others in the form of donations, fostering, and fund raisers.

We have several fundraisers currently in place in the hope that the communities in our area can find an easy way to assist with the cost of maintaining and caring for the animals,.  Please click here to see our current fundraisers.

Country Animal Haven endeavors to be a strong presence in the community, working to increase awareness of animal issues. We strongly advocate spaying and neutering of both feral and pet cats to reduce the overabundance of unwanted kittens and improve the general health of adult cats. We hope for the day when all animals will know what it means to be wanted, loved and cared for. 

Adopt one until there is none

Where second chances happen every day.



Mary Gunderson
Country Animal Haven Manager


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